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Company History

     Since 1992, Safestnet spans kinds of concerned industry and science field and takes up with manufac- turing of high technology, perfect quality and humanism products. It strongly supported for the global famous brands, pushed the best masterpiece which is in the million science history to the market and inspires the keen aspiration of people.

     “SAFESTNET”As the recognized pioneer of security industry, Safestnet always lead the developing direction of international digital security industry by its advanced conception, innovative manage- ment and perfect goods. Safestnet is also the appointed supply company for government development tactic.


The Office Center of Safestnet
Company Background

     Safestnet group sets up the security project de- partment of guard and alarm, video surveillance, access control. It has three R&D centers: America, Israel, and Canada. It sets up three industry product places which build the business flat for 2000 perfect person: Shenzh- en, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

     Since entered in the 21st Century, Safestnet is based on the core competition, dig out industry chance by abundant experience and profound comprehension. Safestnet cooperated with partner according to the mutual predominance, be absorbed in the great goal of advance rapidly, contributing the society continuously and forever.

Lots of department leaders show special care and large support to Safestnet


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