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Announcement about series of products marketing channels such as " fear the strength radar ",etc

  " Safestnet radar series " and " guard of iron blood series " products for safestnet group Shenzhen Industrial Co., Ltd produce without competition, supply---Shenzhen fears Development Co., Ltd of security protection enterprise of strength and is responsible for national marketing and market management exclusively:

  Shenzhen Safestnet products " fearing the radar series of strength " and products of " guard's series of blood of iron " of security protection of patent that strength Industrial Co., Ltd produces, selling exclusively and channel is expanded" fear the radar series of strength " and products of " guard's series of blood of iron ", our company is all regarded as the products of the informal channel, our company, to " fear the radar series of strength " that others。

   " the products are including fearing the surveillance radar series of strength to fear the radar series of Safestnet  KM-2000-L2 025N-L、KM-2000L 025N+ / 045N / 025J,Fear the super bodyguard's series of strength radar KM-2000-T2 015J-L、KM-2000 T2 015J / 015N / 015E / 025E, “Products of " guard's series of blood of iron " T2 015N WM / WK / LK / LM

    Hereby announce !
                       Shenzhen Safestnet security technology CO.,LTD

| Issue time:06-10-17


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