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" influence Chinese Ann prevent trade from 60 people " awards ceremony hold ceremoniously " - Safestnetpresident obtain the award

  " influence Chinese Ann prevent trade from 60 people " event marking awards ceremony of the grand ceremony hold in Shenzhen on will it be will it be will it be night the 22nd J

  Chinese Ann defends Ms. Jin XiuFeng, general secretary of employer's organization, the safety in production of Shenzhen supervises Mr. Liu GuangQi, chief of administration bureau, Wu Gang husband, Zhuhai municipal public security bureau scien

  This activity has and " navigates the award in ten years together, ten year innovative award, open up award, contribute award, ten year award of striving ten year ten year, sincere award, Ann defend new force award " seven Grand Prix ten year. Elect through the first stage and assessm

  Since middle period of the 1990s last century, Chinese Ann prevented the trade from entering fast-developing gold period. In the face of new international market environment, directions such as Chinese Ann's preventing the market from being systematized towards the products, operation standardization, com

  Honeywell BiQing Wang, create, link group to be man triumphant Safestnet grouping presidenting,etc. 60 Ann prevent person who navigates trade from obtain the awar

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