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National many integral parts lead give safestnet to care about specially with supports vigorously



  Fit rich the previous day not can begin yeting, China national Ann prevent from association president Sichuan major general and their retinue come personally to SafestnetAffirm fully in Ann's trade -proof exemplary role to fearing the strength company, wish that obtains bigger achievement in Safestnet


   The Communist Party of China Commission of Politics and Law of the CPC Central Committee deputy secretary-general, central Commission of Comprehensive Administration deputy dire,To Safestnet unique scheme to adopt " lead the way by country, enterprise operation, prize folk resource, mobilize masses build together harmonious society " very much of


  Comrade Chen JiPing understands and Safestnet and researches and develops newly with enthusiasm: The safe cities and towns, the digital property, the dream of room,Several major series of such as the all-round environmental cleaning system of biological field of the multidimension, personal security protection suit are used in " build safe Chinaing。


        Vice-minister of Ministry of Public Security managing white scene rich comrade until police escort, come strength of fearing on a special trip, understand to Safestnet。

Vice-minister Bai listen to, fear strength about science and technology strong alert report, to Safestnet prevent macroscopical Ann from, extremely praise with micro Ann environmen.      

                 Comrade Zheng ShaoDong, assistant minister of Ministry of Public Security, has inquired that fears the situation with recent strength in detail, care very much to Safestnet


  ShaoDong, scientific and technological Jian, scientific and technological Shuo, China Liu, deputy bureau director of office, Wang, chief of office, Zheng, assistant minister of Ministry of Public

  During this time, many medias have carried on the special visit to the Safestnet。
| Issue time:06-11-15


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